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HP 901 Ink Cartridges

HP 901 Officejet Ink

HP 901 Officejet ink cartridges come in two different sizes which are Standard and Value. The Standard cartridge pack is the most affordable costing around $15 for the Black and $29 for the Tri-color.

Don't be tempted to use third party inks for your Hewlett Packard printer as the quality isn't as good and you aren't able to print as many pages as you can with the HP ink packs.

Also HP 901 ink doesn't fade in quality as quick as third party packs.

The Value packs for both Officejet inks are slightly different. The HP 901XL (CC654AN) Value pack is a larger capacity version of the HP 901 Black ink cartridge (CC653AN).

It can print three times more pages for just twice the cost of around $32. This will save you both time and money if you use your printer frequently.

The other Value pack however is a combo of the Tri-color ink (CC656AN) cartridge and the standard black ink cartridge. The average cost for this pack is $42 and when you compare the cost of buying these seperately, it doesn't seem much of a Value pack.

Let's have a closer look at each HP 901 Officejet ink cartridge.

HP 901 Black Officejet Ink Cartridge (CC653AN)

This black ink cartridge offers laser-quality production for graphics and text at a more affordable price than toner and is resistant to fading for many years.

Hewlett Packard based these predictions on fade resistance from paper industry information relating to acid-free type papers.

Another interesting feature is that these cartridges allow you to finish printing critical jobs even while they are running low on ink. I would say that features like this, together with their workmanship warranty, make them more reliable and consistant than third party products for your business.

The pigment based HP 901 black ink cartridge will let you produce around 200 pages and uses an ink drop size of 13.8 pl. The HP 901XL which is the Value cartridge version will let you print around 700 pages. I would personally buy the bigger cartridge if I was doing regular print jobs.

HP 901 Tri-color Officejet Ink Cartridge (CC656AN)

This triple colored ink cartridge has much the same built in technology and features of the black cartridge. It is also fade resistant, but is actually dye based as opposed to pigment based.

The Tri-color ink pack will produce around 360 pages and uses a ink drop size of 1.3 pl and 4.7 pl. Unfortunately, the Tri-color ink is not available in a larger size.

Both these HP 901 ink cartridges contain recyclable plastics and are friendly to the environment. They can be recycled free through HP Planet Partners at http:/www.hp.com/recycle.